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  • On average, according to the British Health Foundation, we should walk 10,000 steps a day to maintain a healthy level of activity.
  • Those who walk less than 5,000 steps a day are more likely to put on weight.

6 Reasons to Love Pedometer PRO GPS +

It's no surprise that Da Vinci is given credit for the invention of the first pedometer more often than any other inventor: great people create great things. Da Vinci's pedometer was supposed to measure the distance a man walks in an hour, and looked like a pendulum that's supposed to move as the man walked. Although the idea itself was a real breakthrough, modern pedometers have stepped far beyond that single function. How about estimating the calorie burn for the workout or setting your calorie goal? Have you considered setting your daily mileage goal and watching yourself achieve it? Or perhaps you'd like your route to be recorded and displayed on the map for the future reference. There's much more in a single pedometer app for iOS devices than even Da Vinci could have imagined.

iPhone app for joggers

Pedometer PRO GPS+ is a true masterpiece amongst the lifestyle apps. It makes the most of iOS functionality and offers a range of features that can make even a simple walk more meaningful. The app utilizes the accelerometer built into the iOS device and also uses the GPS technology to ensure the most accurate results. If GPS is not available, the accelerometer keeps functioning in a standalone mode. In other words, Pedometer PRO GPS+ doesn't stop working wherever you are, whatever you do. It registers all the activities you're involved in, not just walking or running. Skiing, dancing, vacuum-cleaning, playing ball games: any activity that involves moving your hips, legs and torso gets registered, recorded and can be exported as an CSV file. All in all, there's a whole bunch of reasons for loving Pedometer PRO GPS+

Route display, pulse timer, goals, and much more!

Check out app scrennshots below:

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  • By far the best app for any person wanting specifics on distance, calories burned, and speed of walking or running!! Highly motivating! Love this app!!Babyj75
  • Appreciate knowing the length (distance) of my walks, time and calorie. Like the goal setting too.Ganeshagirlnyc
  • I love it for the simplicity of use. No need to figure out the settings, it just stays in my pocket all day and does the job. I only check the results by the end of the day.Squeezy86
  • The goal-setting feature is the best thing about this pedometer! Having your steps counted is cool, but I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes when I'm done with my daily goal.fat kitty
  • This pedometer helped me to figure out why I wasn't losing any weight! I simply didn't burn enough calories doing the exercises my trainer recommended. I opted for another training program and now I'm 5 pounds lighter.Sunshine193408
  • My hubby got it for himself and I sort of joined in. He mostly uses it for his marathon preparations while I play with it whatever I do: from gym routine to household duties LOL.LizJones
  • Got it mostly for counting steps and daily mileage, but then started using the Body Tracker feature. Now I set the goal for how many miles I need to walk per day and make sure I walk my socks off to complete it.ET_man

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